A downloadable game for Windows

Think You're Fast!! Lets See If You Can Keep Up With The Games Lies

Install instructions

(1) Download

(2) Unzip

NOTE: Before Running Ensure That The PCK File Is In The Same Directory Or Folder As The Boolean.exe

(3) Run Boolean.exe

(4) Enjoy

(5) Follow


Boolean.zip 28 MB


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Great expierence.
It feals really polished and the particle effect, scene transitions and sound effect add much value.

it's really  good game 

i lake the idea a lot and music is very good

Thanks So much

Send me a link to yours so I can rate

i liked the song and the UI, good job

Thanks so Much 😁


Wow, really polished off game. I especially loved the music and the UI :)

Thanks So Much :)


Nice, fast paced game!  

Thanks Alot :)